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Let's Play! Group Breaks!


We are excited to announce we are now doing Group Breaks! 

Currently, you can purchase spots in store at our Let's Play! Cards and Games! shop, or through our website here. 

Live breaks are streamed on our youtube channel, @letsplaybreaks, and are announced on our facebook page,



Notifications of Changes or Updates to rules:


Where to watch

Pricing Rules

  • For random team formats, in the scenario where we decide to drop the break spot price after the sales have gone live, we will issue in store credit for the difference to those who have purchased before the price drop.
  • For pick your team formats, if we drop the price of the remaining teams after sales have gone live, no credit will be given. However, we will announce on our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/letsplaycardsandgames, so that everyone has a chance to purchase a discounted team

General Break Rules

If not enough spots are purchased before a given break starts, we may postpone the break towards a date near in the calendar.

Card goes to team logo on the back

  • It is the team logo on the back of the card, not the team jersey on the player, that decides which team the player goes to.
  • please see below for instances where there are multiple team logos on the back

Cards with Multiple Team Logos on Back

  • for instances where there are multiple team logos on the back of a card, it will be randomized four times for the participants who have one of those teams. The participant whose name is on the top of the randomized list will be awarded the card. So, say if Jeff has Maple Leafs and Sally has the Jets, if a card with both is pulled, Sally and Jeff’s names will be on a list and that list will be randomized four times. If Sally’s name is on the top of that randomized list, she is given claim to the card.
  • randomization will be done on random.org.
  • If a participant happens to have all the teams of a multi team logo card, then that card will go to them, no tie breaker needed.

Team Holding

  • team holding is not allowed. Once the sale of the break goes live, everyone is given a chance to purchase. We also announce on our facebook page whenever the sale goes live.


  • No cancellations or refunds are allowed, except on instance where the break is cancelled


  • all disputes will be sorted out by the breaker or management team. If there are any problems you experienced, please let us know and we will investigate as soon as we can

Defunct Teams for Hockey:

  • in hockey, there are a number of teams who are now defunct
  • they may have changed names or have had their license purchased by other teams
  • this following ruleset determines how we award these to the participants of the break:
    • Quebec Nordiques goes to Colorado Avalanche
    • Hartford Whalers goes to Carolina Hurricanes
    • “RETRO” Jets (the 1990 jets, not the 2011 to present day jets) goes to Arizona Coyotes
    • Minnesota North Stars goes to Dallas Stars
    • Atlanta Thrashers goes to Winnipeg jets
    • Colorado Rockies goes to New Jersey Devils 

Handling of Cards, Shipping, and Pickup

  • Participants are free to pick up their cards in store
  • we can hold the cards for up to 60 days. After this time period, the participant automatically surrenders their cards and we, Let’s Play! Cards and Games! / SkafExpress, take ownership.
  • we will do our best to put all hits into a penny sleeve
  • for hits the breaker feels worthy, they will put in a top loader or one touch
  • hits will be secured in a team bag to help with protection
  • for packages we are mailing, they will be tightly sealed with tape in a bubble mailer and mailed via regular mail
  • tracking can be added at a cost. please contact us up to two days after the break if you would like this service
  • in general, we try to ship out within 3 days after the break, and pickup is available generally by next day
  • as a side note, we sometimes have extra base cards and you are free to ask before we ship out if we have one you’re looking for
  • We do not reimburse or refund items lost in letter mail

Name Reading

  • when performing the randomization on random.org, your first name and first letter of your last name will be visible. ie, Joe S. If you would like a pseudonym, please notify us as soon as possible,

Rules Specific to Random Team Breaks


All breaker slots will be randomized four times or more on random.org. All 32 NHL teams will be randomized four times or more on random.org. The teams will then be matched by their position to the randomized breaker slots. So, for example, if Fred purchases breaker slot #4 and the Maple Leafs are the 4th on the randomized list, then Fred will be assigned the Maple Leafs. If Fred purchased multiple breaker slots, say slots 10 and 14, then the teams in that are in those positions on the randomized list will also go to him.


  • For now, no trades are allowed online due to verification concerns. However, trades done at the physical live scene of the break are allowed once we announce the team list. People in person here will have up to two minutes to swap with each other. More time may be allotted if difficulties arise. In person swap ensures trades are valid before we begin breaking.

Double Up Random Break Rules

  • the base rules of random breaks apply.
  • however, every slot that a participant purchases counts for two teams,
  • the participant will go into the draft with two names on the list, back to back
  • so, for hockey, the slot numbers go from 32 to 16.
  • for example, if John purchases one slot here, there will be two teams that randomize to him

Rules Specific to Pick Your Team

  • no participant is allowed to trade teams, as many teams have different prices
  • For all star cards where there is no logo on the front of the card, it will go to the team he plays for currently. If the player is retired on the all star card, it will go to the team the player played for the most. So, if there was a player who played 1,900 games for Montreal and 1,901 for Toronto, the card would go to the participant who has the Toronto team slot.