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18/19 O-Pee-Chee Hockey - Single Packs

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18/19  O-Pee-Chee Hockey - Single Packs

10 Cards per Pack

• 2018-19 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Will Feature a 600-Card Base Set.
o The Most Comprehensive Hockey set of the Year!
• NEW! OPC Trophy Winners, HOF Logo and Logo Updates Patches insert delivers 100 all-new manufactured patch cards of your favorite players past, present and future!
o Including a new slate of rare Logo Update patches.
• Look out for striking parallel cards of the base set, including Silver Border (1:3),  Retro Black Border (#’d to 100) & Gold Glossy Border (1:24).
o NEW! Find Retro Black Border super boxes, where all bases cards in the box will be replaced by the Retro Black Border parallels.
• Back by Popular Demand! Look For The 77-Card Mini Set Including Short Prints & Rare Variations Falling 1 in 4 Packs.
o Look For The Back Variations Limited to 27 Copies.
• Back by Popular Demand! Look For O-Pee-Chee Playing Cards Falling 5 Per Box.
o Collect The Entire Deck And Play Some of Your Favorite Card Games With These O-Pee-Chee Exclusive Cards.
• Back by Popular Demand! Upper Deck wrapper redemption program.
o Each wrapper redemption pack includes 5 Red Border parallels of the base set.
• Look For Some Great Holdover Rookies in The Marquee Rookies Insert including Casey Mittelstadt, Ryan Donato, Adam Gaudette and Eeli Tolvanen. 

•  48 Marquee Rookies, Season Highlights, League Leaders or Retro Cards
•  8 Silver Border Parallels
•  6 Minis
•  5 OPC Playing Cards
•  2 Retro Black Border Foil Parallels
•  1 Gold Glossy Parallel 


• High-Series Inserts - Combine to Deliver 2 in every pack
o Retro Variations
o Marquee Rookies
o Season Highlights
o League Leaders
o Team Checklist
• O-Pee-Chee Patches
o OPC Patches King Clandy Trophy – 1:937
o OPC Patches Bill Masterson Memorial Trophy – 1:937
o OPC Patches Presidents’ Trophy – 1:937
o OPC Patches Frank J. Selke Trophy – 1:937
o OPC Patches William M. Jennings Trophy – 1:937
o OPC Patches Maurice Richard Trophy – 1:937
o OPC Patches Ted Lindsay Award – 1:937
o OPC Patches Art Ross Trophy – 1:937
o OPC Patches Lady Bing Trophy – 1:1312
o OPC Patches Conn Smythe Trophy – 1:1312
o OPC Patches James Norris Memorial Trophy – 1:1687
o OPC Patches Calder Memorial Trophy – 1:1687
o OPC Patches Vezina Trophy – 1:1687
o OPC Patches Hart Memorial Trophy – 1:2250
o OPC Patches Stanley Cup Trophy – 1:1875
o OPC Patches O-Pee-Chee Logo Update – 1125
o OPC Patches HOF Logo – 1:2250
o OPC Patches HOF Logo SP – 1:18750
• Minis
o Regular – 1:6
o Short Prints – 1:26
o Rare Variations – 1:64
o Back Variations Parallel – #’d to 27
o Short Prints Back Variations Parallel – #’d to 27
o Rare Variations Back Variations Parallel – #’d to 27
• Regular Set Parallels
o OPC Retro – 1:1
o Silver Border – 1:3
o Gold Glossy Border – 1:24
o Retro Black Border - #’d to 100
• O-Pee-Chee’s Unique Inserts
o OPC Playing Cards (2 thru Kings) – 1:5
o OPC Playing Cards (Aces) – 1:120
• Regular Cards
o 500 Regular Cards

Ships out of Thunder Bay, Ontario!