Skaf Express

Breathe Easy - Child Face Masks - 50pcs

The most comfortable mask for your child. The Breathe Easy Child masks are much lighter and more comfortable than your standard 3ply masks. They can wear them for hours without wetness condensation forming. Worn by people in Thunder Bay, Ontario!.

White and 50 pieces to a package.

Children Disposable Daily Protective Mask

* Respiratory protection easy breathability.

* High Filtration Efficiency.

* 2 Layers of  protection.

* Protects against Dust and Pollen.

* Non Woven Fabric 67 percent , non woven fabric laminated with E-PTFE microfiltration     membrane 33 percent. 

* Product Model: D374803-3

* Style: 3- ply Earloop

* 50 Pcs

* Product Size 14.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 0.5cm

* Scope of Application: This product should not be used in areas such as fever clinics,           isolation wards, isolation observation wards, operating rooms, and isolation ICU.              (Non Medical Device) 

 * Storage of product: Store in a dry ventilated area, away from direct sunlight relative          humidity, temperature between -20 c to +38 c.

* Expiration date 24 months after Manufactures date.