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Fish in a Barrel

Fish in a Barrel 

Fish in a Barrel is a silly linking game for children. Players try to beat the timer as they attempt to link as many bass, trout, and muskie as possible. Place the fish at random on a flat surface, turn over the timer and the fun begins. Earn points by linking the fish head to tail before the 30-second timer expires. You earn one point for every fish linked head-to-tail, and a bonus point if you link all species of the same fish together. The winning player can show off their catch on the stringer. The set comes with 9 beautifully designed fish (3 Bass, 3 Trout and 2 Muskie) plus 4 stringers and a 30-second timer. Front Porch Classics offers "unplugged family entertainment." We're dedicated to bringing people together through play. Our games are designed to engage friends and the whole family around the coffee table, laughing, sharing and building memories. We build our core values into every toy and game we sell: rich storytelling, elegant design, ageless appeal and limitless play.

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