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Folded Space: Pandemic With Expansions

Folded Space: Pandemic With Expansions

Note:  Insert designed for game with external box dimensions of 30.6 x 22.4 x 4.4 cm.

Insert compatible with Pandemic® and the On the Brink®, In the Lab® and State of Emergency® expansions. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. The trays can be utilized during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. 

The insert is arranged in up to two layers, with the five petri dishes arranged on the right hand side of the box. Note that two of the petri dishes are placed on top of part of the tray on the bottom right of the image, which is used to store the award and quarantine markers. Each of the different colour disease cube and cure markers are placed in the corresponding coloured petri dish. 

All component types are split by type, organizing all the game components. There is space for the cards to be sleeved. 

As mentioned above the trays from the insert fully fill the base game box. The boards, rule books, and bio-terrorist location pad need to be stored separately in one of the expansion boxes, as shown here. 


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