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Imagined Spaces

Pre order due date-July 03 2021

Imagined Spaces

For science fiction and fantasy fans who are interested in trying more (or new types) of roleplaying games, traditional roleplayers who want to expand into cool new indie game forms, and indie gamers looking for new games to try from their favorite designers.

Enriching a hot entertainment genre: Analog games are huge right now. It’s hard to accurately estimate the audience, but one measure is shows about analog gaming, like TableTop, a YouTube channel with game plays (where one recent video had nearly 750,000 views) or Critical Role, an actual play D&D podcast with 370k followers on twitter. However, there's more to the roleplaying world than D&D! Much like Erewhon tries to capture the literary side of speculative fiction in its novels, this anthology will collect some of the most artistic, funniest, smartest, and strangest roleplaying games across various speculative fiction genres.