Merchants Cove EXP The Secret Stash


Merchants Cove EXP The Secret Stash

The Secret Stash is a treasure trove of goodies that can be added to Merchants Cove.

It features a variety of modular expansions you can mix and match to create fresh experiences. It also introduces new content for playing solo: a book of 12 thematically-driven scenarios, and a deck of solo challenge cards.

• 1 Dragon Island Festival tile
• 4 Halls of Plenty tiles
• 1 Lair of Villainy tile
• 5 Faction Leader meeples
• 3 3D cardboard Boats
• 8 Boat setup cards
• 11 Rogue cards
• 8 Grey Rogue Goods
• 12 Corruption cards
• 48 Townsfolk cards
• 12 solo Challenge cards
• 36-page solo Scenarios book


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