Picture Pairing Game Dr. Seuss

Picture Pairing Game Dr. Seuss

First assortment of Picture Pairing games with more to come!

Introducing a better game for preschoolers and their parents: Picture Pairing!

Picture tiles are placed face-down and three cards are drawn from a picture deck. Players take turns flipping two tiles face-up. Tiles that match cards are removed and scored, and the card is replaced. Unscored tiles are flipped face-down again. As new cards are revealed, players use memory to find the tiles they match. But wait— exciting Scramble cards will mix them
all up again!

- High-quality materials, printed liners, spot varnish
- Giftable and small form-factor.
- Find and match your favorite characters.
- Easier setup, fewer pieces, and less frustration!
- More fun and delight and more story-telling!

Players: 2-4
Ages: 3+

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