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Playmat Spectrum XL Blue

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Playmat Spectrum XL Blue

These extra large playmats are about 60 x 36 inches, sized to fit large tabletops.

This large format makes the mats perfect for your MTG Commander pod, board games, miniature war games, and other tabletop games. These mats are made from a thick neoprene and have a nice red or blue fabric top.

The edges are stitched to prevent the fabric from fraying. Use one of these mats to protect your tabletop, or to provide a comfortable playing surface for your gaming group.

- Stitched border ensures no fraying of the edges
- Machine washable! (Gentle cycle - dry flat)
- Soft cushioned material grips snug to smooth areas
- Solid blue color with the Spectrum logo in the corner

About 60 x 36 inches