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Rock, Paper, Scissors- Duellerz Card Game

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Rock, Paper, Scissors- Duellerz Card Game

Rock Paper Scissors Duellerz is a fast, fun and strategic card game for all ages.

Duellerz is rock, paper, scissors....but not as you know it. We've added in special card tiers (Singles, Doubles and Rainbows) plus some game changing cards (Rock N Roll, Steal and Freeze).

It's simple. Each round, players play one card from their hand of five cards, with highest ranked card taking the pile. Rainbows beat Doubles, Doubles beat Singles and Rock N Roll beats them all. Or to mix things up you can play a special Steal card (to steal the highest ranked played card) or Freeze card (to Freeze the round for players to each play another card in the round).

After each round, player pick up to re-stock their hand to five cards. Once all cards from the game pile have been played, players count their win pile.

Win more cards than your opponents to become the Rock Paper Scissors Duellerz champion!