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Scarf N Barf

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Scarf N Barf

Number of Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 20-30 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 8+

You’re at the carnival. Eat lots of sugary, salty, greasy goodies. Then ride the rides and try to keep everything down.

Scarf-N-Barf is a silly, fast-paced card game that will keep you glued to your seat . . . unless, of course, you have to jump up to BARF. Play Food cards and Ride cards, then roll the dice to find out which player can keep the most carnival food down. Eat Chocolate Covered Bacon while riding the Octopuke? We dare you!

Key Features:

  • Family fun at the carnival for ages 8 and up!
  • Revolting (yet cute!) art by Lar deSouza.
  • Designed by Randy Scheunemann, co-designer of Deadly Doodles and Deadly Doodles 2!