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2023 Topps NHL Sticker Album

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2023 Topps NHL Sticker Album

Skating in for another cool release, check out this all new release of the 2022 23 Topps NHL® Sticker Collection with a fresh set of sticker designs built for the ice!

Check out brand new Base Set designs and numerous new inserts such as 2022 NHL® Captains , The Great Outdoors , 1971-72 Topps Rookies , and much more!

Bring together the NHL® Stanley Cup ® Foil Puzzle & collect special Foil stickers falling 1 per pack

Collect all 684 stickers including the Topps 1985 All Star MVP Photo Variation and the album exclusive Photo Variants


Find 83 themed pages to hold all 684 stickers in the collection!

A continuing tradition of the Stanley Cup® Foil Puzzle, adding another Championship Team to the catalog of trophy hoisting teams!

2 Full pages dedicated to each of the 32 NHL® Teams!

Specially themed pages for all-new insert content, including 1971-72 Topps Rookies, NHL® Captains, Ice Vibrations stickers, and more!

4 Full “Make Your Own NHL® All-Star Team” pages for each division

10 FREE stickers in each album, including 4 album exclusive Photo Variants!