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Boggle (Bilingual)

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One of the all time fun games for kids and adults of all ages is the Boggle board game. If you haven’t played the great game of Boggle, you are missing out on one of the best board games of all time! It makes a great family gift as well as a wonderful adult board game to give as a present. Now there’s even a travel game version that makes it easy to take the game on the road with you.


The game is best for children ages 9 and up that are able to spell. We used it with our son when he was 7 and 8 and it helped him with learning to spell and feeling comfortable with letters and sounds. Obviously we didn’t use the timer part of the game during those years.

While there is a box version of the game, it isn’t our top recommended version. With all the loose peices it is an easy game to lose one of the die and then the game is no longer useable. For ony a couple of dollars more, the travel version allows everything to be safe adn snug in the zippered case insuring that the game can be played for years to come. We’ve had our version for 5 years now and use it constantly and take it on all road trips.

The travel version of the game comes in a zippered hard backed case that allows all of the pieces to be safely secured during road trips or palne rides. It comes with pads of paper, pencils an square plastic case with pieces that look like dice except they have letters on them. What’s wonderful about this version is that it has an automoatic timer so that there are no claims that “I didn’t know that there was no more time” or getting distracted from the game to keep an eye on the grains of sand as they drain through the manual version.

Boggle Rules

You shake the box with the letters and then turn the case right side up and set the timer. Each player has a few minutes until the buzzer sounds to write down all of the words that they can make from the letters on the Boggle board. Each letter of a word must touch in some way. No jumping of letters to get to one you need! The object is to move as quickly as possible and get the most words that you can from the board. You get 1 point for each word, longer words get more points. Once the buzzer rings, everyone stops. Take turns to call out the words that you have. If someone else has it, you cross it off and move on. The winner with the most points at the end wins.

Those who are good spellers obviously do well with this word search game. If you are a crossword player, then this is a great word game for you as well! Crossword players know all kinds of old words that most of us haven’t seen or used in years.

It is a quick and fun word search game to play. Great to play a few rounds at the beach, waiting for appointments or after dinner for family fun. In our family we play best out of three or five and delclare the winner the champion.

So if you don’t have Boggle, you need to make sure to pick up the travel game version before heading out this summer for vacations. You will have tons of laughter and fun and everyone will learn along the way.