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Card Sorting Tray For Toploaders & One-Touch 6 Pk

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Card Sorting Tray For Toploaders & One-Touch 6 Pk

Toploader & ONE-TOUCH Single Compartment Sorting Trays - 6ct

Lightweight, stackable, card sorting single slot trays fit Toploaders and standard card ONE-TOUCH magnetic holders.

These trays are perfect for sorting trading cards on the go as they feature individual slanted compartments that also work great for displaying trading cards. Each pack comes with 6 separate trays. Trays interlock to connect in different configurations.

• Light-weight, vacuum formed trays for sorting and organizing trading cards, Toploaders, and ONE-TOUCH magnetic holders

• Ideal for card sellers and retailers

• Can be used for sorting and organizing sports trading cards, game tokens, game cards, and other collectible cards