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Claim to fame party game

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Claim to fame party game

Claim to Fame is a fun-filled party game that combines charades, drawing and verbal clues in one great, fast-paced competition with a theme that no one can resist: celebrities! Split into two teams and get ready to flex your pop culture and Hollywood knowledge. Get your team to guess five achievements and facts by the celebrity on your card using charades, drawing, verbal clues or a combination, depending on your space on the board. With over 900 celebrities to choose from, Claim to Fame is the perfect game to bring out over and over again for your game nights!

- 1 game board
- 450 cards
- 2 score marker pawns
- 1 dry-erase board
- 1 dry-erase marker
- 1 60-second timer
- 1 card holder

AGES: 13+
PLAYTIME: 60 min