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MTG Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Draft Booster - Single Packs

MTG Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Draft Booster -Single Packs

15 Cards per Pack

  • 36 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty MTG Draft Boosters
  • 15 Magic cards per Draft Booster
  • Rare or Mythic Rare card in every pack
  • Just draft, add lands, and play
  • With cyberpunk cards full of color and chrome—the future is bright in Kamigawa

Magic: The Gathering's first sci-fi set is on the way! Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty shows us the results of giving an old plane a new cyberpunk makeover, blending Kamigawa's organic magic with futuristic technology to create a bright neon-infused experience. The Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Draft Booster Case contains 6 Draft Booster boxes with each booster box containing 36 Draft Booster packs. Add it all up and that comes out to 216 Draft Booster packs!