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Disney Chip N Dale Xmas Treasures Card Game

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Disney Chip N Dale Xmas Treasures Card Game

Chip ‘n’ Dale have found their way into the Christmas tree! Help them collect treasures and treats for their winter stockpile and avoid getting caught by Pluto!

On your turn, flip over cards to discover the hidden treasures and treats in the tree. Collect two cards and add them to your collection, but if Pluto caught you, you only take one! Grow your collection each turn and have the collection with the most points by end of the game to win!

Cards are set up in the shape of a tree, with a star on top, as a festive centerpiece!
Colorful illustrations inspired by the classic 1950’s Disney Christmas cartoons!
A fun, quick card game that tests your memory skills!
An easy-to-learn, fast-paced game that plays in 20 minutes!
Gain points by collecting sets of treasures: Ornaments, Candy Canes, Popcorn, Acorns, and Bells.

Players: For 2-6 Players
Age: Ages 5 and up
Play time: 20 min+