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Fear Pong: F##K Cups

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Fear Pong: F##K Cups

A set of fourteen red plastic cups featuring with the Fear Pong skull logo in silver. Plus, 10 bonus dares that encourage you to cup your balls in style.

These F@#KUP cards add a new twist to the game—making the cups themselves part of the gameplay. If a card comes up...it’s gonna F@#K things up.

  • Includes 14 red cups – 6 for each player, plus 2 rinse cups.
  • Plus 10 more dare cards not in the base game.
  • You can put any sort of liquid in them. Make it a classy family dinner!
  • No more throwing away disposable party cups! Our cups can be washed and reused exactly 928 times each.*

*We didn't really count. Please wash thoroughly before first use.