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In Flash!, players each take six dice and place the scoring chips in the center of the table. One player chooses a challenge: Six-of-a-Kind, Three Pairs, All Odds, All Evens, Four-of-a-Kind and a Pair, Two Three-of-a-Kind, Straight, or Flash! Then you all start rolling your dice… and rerolling… fast and furiously, setting aside needed dice between rolls. When you complete the challenge, yell “Flash!” and grab the highest valued scoring chip.

The remaining players continue rolling until they complete the challenge, each taking the highest scoring chip left until all are gone and the round is over. At the end of the round, record everyone’s scores for the challenge, return the scoring chips to the center, choose a new challenge, then “Ready, set, Roll!”

Play all 8 rounds and tally the scores. Highest score wins!

Flash! dice

Flash! dice

Flash! includes six sets of dice in six player colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The dice are six-sided with two to six pips per side and a Flash symbol (lightning bolt) on the last side. Flashes are wild and can count as any number, making it a little easier to do each challenge in a flash! The scoring chips are numbered 1 to 6. During setup, you use the same number of scoring chips as there are players. For example, with 4 players, use the chips numbered 1 to 4.