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Icing On The Cake (Bilingual)

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Icing On The Cake (Bilingual)

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 15 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

Baking has never been so easy! Players with a sweet tooth and an appetite for strategy games will be in for a treat! Let your cake rise to victory in this heated family bake-off.

In Icing on the Cake, players build their own cake creation by cutting pieces of cake from the center of the table. Arrange your cake pieces to connect matching flavors and sprinkled edges. Once you are done with your cake base, you then add a layer of icing, flavor tokens and birthday candles!

  • Match same flavored pieces and align sprinkled edges.
  • Cover with matching icing and align sprinkled edges
  • Complete cake with toppings and candles!