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Monopoly Care Bears

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Monopoly Care Bears

Have a rainbow day! Catch some fun as you buy, sell, and trade the Care Bears and their Cousins in MONOPOLY®: Care Bears edition. With each roll of the dice, pick up a beloved friend like Wish Bear, Funshine Bear, or Grumpy Bear, then use Star Buddies to add Hearts and Cloud Castles to your properties. Choose your favorite token like the Hot Air Balloon, Cloud Car or the Rainbow Roller as you travel through Care-a-lot picking up friends. Every day is special when you let the fun shine in.

6 Collectible Tokens
28 Title Deed Cards
16 Chance Cards renamed Caring Cards
16 Community Chest Cards renamed Sharing Cards
Custom Monopoly Money
32 Houses renamed Hearts
12 Hotels renamed Cloud Castles
2 Dice