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Monopoly Iron Maiden

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Introducing the next Edition of Monopoly! IRON MAIDEN

Celebrate nearly 50 years of heavy metal history with the ultimate game for Iron Maiden fans! MONOPOLY®: Iron Maiden lets players relive the prolific English metal band’s worldwide live performances as they buy, sell, and trade the most memorable performances over the decades, such as Legacy of the Beast Tour, Somewhere Back in Time Tour, and more! Give the band’s equipment a go and take custom tokens like Flying Helmet or Steve’s bass around the board to set up Arenas and Stadiums. Open the Box and Feeling Lucky? cards will test your dedication on the road for the most Eddie Bucks in the end to win!

-1 Game Board
-6 Collectible Tokens
-28 Title Deed Cards
-16 Feeling Lucky Cards
-16 Open the Box Cards
-32 Houses renamed Arenas
-12 Hotels renamed Stadiums
-2 Dice

AGES: 8+