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On Pointe Ballet Board Game

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On Pointe Ballet Board Game

The Ballet Board Game

In On Pointe players advance as a professional dancer would,
from learning the basic ballet moves, mastering rehearsals,
performing on stage, competing to become Prima Ballerina and
accepting their bouquet at curtain call.

A competitive game with light strategy and set collection and
a race down the board, avoiding obstacles and outmanoeuvring
your opponents, but being first to collect your bouquet doesn’t
necessarily mean that you’ll win - it’s all about the points that
you collect along the way.

Experience the life of a ballet dancer, from the Barre to a Star!
Know your positions, use the right moves: collect gems; treasures;
and the tiara. A game that will keep you on your toes.

- 2-4 Players
- 40 mins
- Ages 8+