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Cheerful Polynesians live where the sun always shines, the ocean creates vast noise, and the houses are right on the water. Not only are they skilled hunters and craftsmen, but also nimble traders. As the head of one of these Polynesian tribes, your task is to attract as many villagers as possible to your tribe. Market day takes place infrequently for the islanders, but when it does come, it attracts many merchants.

In Полинезия, you are attempting to purchase fish, turtles, masks, and flower garlands in order to hire patrons to your village and become the richest tribe in Polynesia. Each turn, the active player will roll four dive (each one with values of 1,2,3,4,5, and 8) that will set the market values of the four products for that round. Then, you will exchange your expensive goods for multiples of cheap goods, trying to get the best combinations of goods that let you attract patrons from the marketplace.

Your patrons, once 'purchased,' will come to your village where you will lay them out. As you progress through each of the three seasons of the game (there are three rows of four), you are trying to earn the most points from your patrons by stacking similar patrons, earning points from totem masks, and getting all three types of patron in one season. Your goal at the end of the game is to become the richest tribe in all of Polynesia!