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Praga Caput Regni Game

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Praga Caput Regni Game

Welcome to 14th Century Prague!
Charles IV has been crowned King of Bohemia and ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. From his castle in Prague, he oversees construction of new fortifications: a bridge across the Vltava River, a university, and a cathedral rising within the walls of the castle itself. Prague is already among the largest cities in Europe. King Charles will make it the capital of an empire!

Praga Caput Regni is the latest game from the genius of Vladimir Suchý, award-winning designer of Underwater Cities! During the game, players take the role of wealthy citizens who are competing to build various projects. Players choose from six actions on the game board using the “action crane.” These actions are always available but linked to a constantly shifting array of costs and benefits. Players can increase their resources, improve the usefulness of specific options in the future, or build new projects in the city. Savvy players will discover synergies between carefully timed actions and the rewards from constructing civic projects as all of the mechanisms mesh together. At the end of the game, the player who most impressed King Charles wins.

• 1 Main board
• 4 Player boards
• 4 Score markers
• 4 King’s Road markers
• 44 cube markers
• 6 Action tiles
• 4 Action boards
• 9 plastic rivets
• 30 Upgrade tiles
• 36 Building tiles
• 36 Wall tiles
• 8 Production tokens
• 24 Technology tiles
• 2 Quick Reference sheets
• 1 3-D Hunger Wall
• 1 3-D Cathedral
• 3 alternative Hunger Wall tiles
• 3 alternative Cathedral tiles
• 3 King’s Road tiles
• 1 Charles Bridge
• 12 Bridge tiles
• 11 Plaza tiles
• 38 Bonus tokens
• 6 Gold windows
• 14 Silver windows
• 12 eggs (cardboard)
• 12 alternative eggs (wooden)
• 4 3-value eggs (cardboard)
• 1 5-point token

How it works:
Each turn, players must select an available action from the “action crane” located on the game board. Some actions may have additional incentives or costs depending on the position of the chosen action tile on the crane. They must decide whether to build their private holdings or help King Charles to improve the city. Resources are limited, so each action requires careful planning. Players will recreate famous structures that still exist today, like the Charles Bridge or the Hunger Wall. The player who has accumulated the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Players: 1-4
Ages: 14+
Playtime: 30-120 minutes