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Rainbow Card Game

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Rainbow Card Game 

Unlock the joy of Rainbows! Challenge your friend to a thrilling duel and use strategic card play, a sharp memory, and tactful foresight to create glorious 6-card RAINBOW sets. Take care choosing which cards to flip - one wrong move and your opponent will "rain" supreme!

Enjoy a spectrum of colorful excitement in this rich card game that will bring bright delight in just 10 minutes! And the fun elemental symbols are in all four corners allowing for left-handed or right-handed holds for colour challenged players.  So everyone's day can be brighter with Rainbow!

This game is super easy to play with no need for tallying scores. Make a set of six different cards, and you have yourself a Rainbow. It's that simple. Until it's not - flip over or play a Cloud card (grey) and your opponent collects all the cards in the Rainbow line up. The cards are double-sided and the colours on each side of the card are different! So what you see isn't what the other player sees. This means you need to pay attention to what they play because you may need to flip that card over at some point in the game - and you better know what's on the other side of that card! Such a fun game that can be enjoyed over and over again. Play on!

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Contents: 57 cards, Card Holder, Rules

Game by Mathias Spaan. Design by Yvonne Tauss. 

Ages: 7+