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Risk Legacy

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Risk Legacy

Innovative game that’s never the same twice!

Risk®Legacy is different than any other board game, choices players make during gameplay are permanent and affect every future game. The board is written on, stickers are attached to the rule book, secret envelopes are opened. Game pieces will be destroyed. Ripped up. Gone forever...

Critically acclaimed twist on the classic game of Risk!


This 2012 BoardGameGeek.com - Golden Geek Award winning game has received praise for its unique features, including hidden rules and intriguing options that become available the more it’s played.


 It’s Magical” - Eurogamer.net


 Inside the box is a world that will become uniquely your own - ArmchairGeneral.com


 If you are looking for a fun game, with easy to learn rules, that will keep you coming back for more, get Risk Legacy - BoardgameQuest.com

Game Board
5 Dice
Over 175 cards
Army Cards
Over 275 military units
Parts sheet
Instruction document