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Root: The RPG Travellers And Outsiders HC

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Root: The RPG Travellers And Outsiders HC

Travelers & Outsiders is a supplement for Root: The Roleplaying Game, the officially licensed tabletop RPG based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right board game by Leder games. It expands the core game to include the first four expansion factors!

Root: Travelers & Outsiders is a 6” x 9” hardcover full-color book of about 240 pages. This book contains:

  • 6 new vagabond playbooks—the Adventurer, the Champion, the Chronicler, the Envoy, the Harrier, and the Raider
  • 4 new factions—the Riverfolk Company, the Lizard Cult, the Grand Duchy, and the Corvid Conspiracy
  • More weapon moves, map mechanics, and Woodland details
  • Example clearings for quick and easy play
  • Additional rules on how you can integrate the board game into your campaign of the role playing game