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Seastead Game

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Seastead Game

Return to the world of Flotilla in Seastead, an all-new 2-player resource
collection and building game!

On an ocean world, even enemies must play fair. You and your
rival compete for control of the four Flotillas, the last remnant
of old Earth. Strike cunning deals, build stable ground, and
clean the ocean. Then, you will truly lead Seastead!

With the survival of humanity in the balance, sabotaging your
rival outright would put too much at risk! So in Seastead, many
of your actions will also help your opponent—you just have to
make sure you don’t help them too much.

Each turn, you will either dive to gain resources, or build a
building from your player mat with your resources. Whenever
you dive, you’ll draw a card with two different resource
collections to choose from. Choose wisely, because whichever
resources you don’t pick will go to your opponent! When you
construct a building, you’ll add it to one of the four central
flotilla tiles, opening up bonuses and abilities—just try to use
them before your opponent can!

- Easy to pick up and play – with clear iconography
and simple rules, you’ll be able to learn and teach
Seastead in the span of a lunch break

- For two players with solo mode - Seastead is a
head-to-head 2p experience with a solo mode

- Impressive and efficient table presence–With
beautiful components, and without taking up a ton of
space, Seastead is a perfect game for Cafés,
lunchtimes, or date night!

- High Replayability – Double-sided Flotilla tiles, a
variety of Specialist cards, and multiple building paths
create endless strategies to explore!

24 buildings
8 construction ships
4 double-sided flotilla tiles
4 demand tokens
18 Resource cards
35+ resource tokens
15+ cleanup tokens
12 dock tiles
16 specialist cards
16 decree cards
*Components not final

Players: 2+
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 30+ min