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The Potion

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The Potion

Number of Players: 3-7

Playing Time: 10 Minutes 

Recommended Ages: 8+

An epic encounter between the world’s savviest alchemists is drawing universal attention. Each alchemist starts with the same basic ingredients; rare mushrooms, secret liquid vials and poisonous beetles. In a match of wit and bluff they compete to get rid of their ingredients and control the final potion. Closely watching each other’s move and expression, will you prevail in this unique and original game of deception?

  • Push your luck to win!
  • Original packaging and high quality pieces.
  • Fun family friendly theme.

How to Play

  1. Roll the dice to determine the ingredient players will be betting on.
  2. Players secretly choose one ingredient from their hand.
  3. The players who meet the winning conditions set by the dice discard an ingredient into the bottle.
  4. Be the first player left with only one ingredient!