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Ticket to ride -First Journey

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Ticket to ride -First Journey

Since the gameplay is similar to classic Ticket to Ride, this game is a great stepping stone to the full version! 

It's not crazy. In fact, it's quite natural to love Ticket to Ride so much that you want to share it with your kids! Despite the original games' ease of play, it can still be a bit challenging for the younger kids. If only there was a way to introduce your younger child to the wonder that is Ticket to Ride...

Well, we're here to let you know that there is! This delightful Ticket to Ride: First Journey Board Game presents a simplified version of the game that's perfect for younger gamers.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey comes with a simplified game board that will look quite familiar to veterans of the full game, but it's also quite welcoming for new gamers. It features a set of train cards and ticket cards. This game is designed for ages 6 and older, so even young kids should be able to get the hang of it!  Each player gets a set of small train game pieces and will spend their turns trying to place their trains on the map to finish tickets. The first player to earn 6 tickets wins the game.