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Ticket to Ride -First Journey-Europe

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Ticket to Ride -First Journey-Europe

Players of all ages can now venture across Europe by train in Ticket to Ride: First Journey (Europe). With a new map and simplified rules, it is the perfect way to introduce young players to the game of cross-country travel. Just like in Ticket to Ride, players collect train cards, claim routes, and try to connect cities coast-to-coast. Climb aboard, young travelers, your First Journey awaits!

Ticket to Ride: First Journey – Europe is a stand-alone game that does not require the original version to play. It is the perfect, all ages introduction to the popular tabletop franchise.

First Journey – Europe offers unique rules designed for a younger audience that retain the strategy, charm, and fun of the original Ticket to Ride Europe. The whole family will enjoy claiming routes and completing Tickets!

Aspiring engineers will play matching colored Train cards, or Locomotive cards that can act as any color, to claim routes across the map board!

Crafty engineers who claim routes from East to West  will earn an additional Ticket, taking them one step closer to victory.