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Timeline Twist

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Timeline Twist

Timeline Twist reimagines the popular Timeline game, but now, you don't have to be a history buff to play! Each game is now a cooperative challenge where players either win or lose together. In this new edition, players team up, communicate and coordinate to find the best strategy to play all cards in the game. The team's goal is to get rid of all the cards the players have in hand, either by placing as many events as possible in the right order on the timelines, or by discarding them wisely.

Cooperative Gameplay: Timeline Twist is centered around cooperation and strategy, with an approachable play style for seasoned veterans and newcomers. While knowledge of history is rewarded, players with any skill level can use strategy to succeed.

High Replay Value: Timeline Twist includes 100 unique cards in total but only uses a third of them per game, keeping players at the table with different combinations and endless hours of fun.

Entertaining, light & strategic: Timeline Twist is THE card placement game for a smart TEAM challenge!

A Game for All: Timeline Twist is perfect for groups of 2-6 players over the age of 8, with a 20 minute average game time