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Toy Story DBG Obstacles/Advent

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Toy Story DBG Obstacles/Advent

Easy to play deck-builder includes characters from all four movies! Jump into six fun-filled Adventures with your favorite Toy Story Heroes! Play as your favorite characters from Disney Pixar Toy Story and work together to make friends and complete adventures before the foes can change the end of the story.

Players work together as their favorite Disney Pixar Toy Story characters from across Pixar Toy Story.

1 Game Board
262 Cards (Adventure, Booster, Hazard, Turn Order, You Are A Toy)
Chipboard Pieces (35 Insight 25 Imagination 5 Health)
5 Player Boards
6 Adventure Boxes
4 Dice
5 Player Boards
11 Divider Cards
6 Adventure Tracks
6 Zinc Movers
1 Rule Book
5 Rule Sheets

Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Playtime: 30-90 min