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20/21 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey

 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey 20/21


3 Cards per Pack
8 Packs per Box


·        2020-21 Synergy sports a diverse 100-card Base Set featuring 40 Veterans, 10 Legends, 40 Rookies and 10 SP Rookie Portraits, as well as a deep bench of veteran, legend and rookie autographs.  
o    Look for rookie cards #’d to 21 and high series rookie cards #’d to 11!
·        Chase the big hit, Cast for Greatness, featuring the NHL’s greatest players on an all-metal trading card!
·        Keep an eye out for a variety of brand new inserts, including Constant ThreatsRoaring 20’sPerennial All-StarsSynergy FX and Cast for Greatness Signatures.
o    The Synergy FX insert, featuring a 50-card checklist of veterans and rookies, boasts multiple low-numbered parallels, highlighted by rare Green (#’d to 99 or 25) and Gold (#’d 1-of-1) autograph parallels!
o    Numbered to just 25, the 10-card Cast for Greatness Signatures set of all-metal cards will be a welcome addition to any collection!   
·        Rookie Journey insert cards return featuring 3 different chase cards of each player in the checklist.
·        Grab 4 Exceptional acetate cards per box, on average.


The Mission: Be one of the first 23* people to collect & redeem the complete 100-card Base Set - Red Parallel Bounty Set. The faster you collect & redeem, the more bounty award cards you can earn! The cards are awarded as follows: 

First 5 to Complete the Mission Receive: One (1) Cast for Greatness #36, one (1) Cast for Greatness - Purple Parallel #36 and the complete 36-card Cast for Greatness - Gold Bounty Award Parallel set (#’d to 10)

             Next 5: One (1) Cast for Greatness Card #36 and the complete 36-card Cast for Greatness - Gold Bounty Award Parallel set )
             Next 13*: One (1) Cast for Greatness Card #36  


Autograph Cards 

Base Set Veteran Autos                                                                                                    
Base Set Veteran Autos - Purple Parallel                                                                     
Base Set Legend Autos                                                                                                        
Base Set Legend Autos - Purple Parallel                                                                               
Base Set Rookie Autos                                                                                                       
Base Set Rookie Autos - Purple Parallel                                                                                                                                                                        
Base Set Rookie SP Auto Portraits                                                                                     
Base Set Rookie SP Auto Portraits - Red Parallel                                                              
Base Set Rookie SP Auto Portraits - Purple Parallel                                                           
NEW! Synergy FX Vet Autos (Tier 1) - Green Parallel                                                        
NEW! Synergy FX Vet Autos (Tier 2) - Green Parallel                                                           
NEW! Synergy FX Vet Autos - Gold Parallel                                                                        
NEW! Synergy FX Rookie Autos - Green Parallel                                                                
NEW! Synergy FX Rookie Autos - Gold Parallel                                                                
Synergy Autographs                                                                                                     
Star Quest - Gold Auto Parallel                                                                                      
NEW! Cast for Greatness Signatures                                                                                

Exciting Insert Cards 

NEW! Synergy FX Vets                                                                                                     
NEW! Synergy FX Vets - Purple Parallel                                                                             
NEW! Synergy FX Vets - Green Parallel                                                                              
NEW! Synergy FX Vets - Gold Parallel                                                                                  
NEW! Synergy FX True Rookies                                                                                            
NEW! Synergy FX Rookies - Purple Parallel                                                                         
NEW! Synergy FX Rookies - Green Parallel                                                                   
NEW! Synergy FX Rookies - Gold Parallel                                                                    
Exceptional Stars
Exceptional Young Stars                                                                                                      
Exceptional Futures                                                                                                          
NEW! Constant Threats                                                                                                    
NEW! Roaring 20's                                                                                                            
NEW! Perennial All-Stars                                                                                                    
Rookie Journey - Draft                                                                                                      
Rookie Journey - Away                                                                                                    
Rookie Journey - Home                                                                                             
Stanley Cup Journey - Regular Season                                                                             
Stanley Cup Journey - Post Season                                                                                    
Stanley Cup Journey – Winning the Cup                                                                         
Star Quest
Cast for Greatness                                                                                                          

Low-Numbered Base Set Cards 

Base Set Veterans                                                                                                             
Base Set Legends                                                                                                          
Base Set Rookies                                                                                                            

Non-Autographed Base Set Parallel Cards 

Base Set Veterans - Red Parallel                                                                                         
Base Set Veterans - Purple Parallel                                                                                       
Base Set Legends - Red Parallel                                                                                          
Base Set Rookies - Red Parallel                                                                                          
Base Set Rookie SP Holdovers - Red Parallel                                                                         
Base Set Rookie SP Non-Holdovers - Red Parallel                                                                 
Base Set Rookies - Purple Parallel                                                                                
Base Set Legends - Purple Parallel